Boston Fisheries Foundation

Boston Fisheries Foundation

We want to create a world Nemo would be proud of
Preserve, sustain and share our seafood and maritime heritage as essential to our common health

We Started off as an idea. An idea that Boston’s seafood industry was sick. A group of like-minded fishermen and women convenience to discuss and talk about the health of Boston’s fisheries and how it had come to this. Every one of us had our own theories – our own nemesis to fault. The Truth is, however, it’s no one’s fault and it’s everyone’s fault. No one in particular is to blame for the current health of our fisheries and our Oceans, but rather the majority of our worlds shortsightedness and our misunderstanding of our Oceans ecosystem.
These problems of pollution and overfishing are hard truths that we as a community have accepted and are now looking towards a common way of fixing them. In our opinion, the first step is to raise the appropriate awareness. To make sure people like you understand how drastically we have effected our worlds oceans and what we can do to give Nemo, and all his fish friends, a better future. To raise awareness we have created a festival celebrating Boston’s rich fishing history in a hopes to ensure it’s future.

  • We work hard to give fisherman a fighting chance

  • The health of our Oceans is paramount to our futures

  • The historic Boston fish pier has a special place in our hearts. It's important to remember our roots.

  • Who doesn't love to eat some good, healthy seafood?!

Our Board of Directors

We work hard to bring the freshest fish to your table

Chris Basile


Robert Nagle

Vice President

Vincent Nagle


Nikki Chenard


Joe Zanti


Richard Stavis


Angela Sanfilippo


Chris Edelman


Chef Jeff Mushin

Culinary Coordinator